Privacy Policy – Fora Health

The Fora Health app is provided to you by Fora Health (“we”, “us”, “our” or “ourselves”) to participate in the study you have enrolled in (“Study”) on behalf of the provider of the Study (“Study Provider”). Ourselves and the Study Provider value your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains the personal data we collect from you, how we store it, and how it is used by us and by the Study Provider. This Privacy Policy applies to users of the Fora Health app (“App”). By using this App, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

Data Controller

The data controller is:

Fora Health Ltd
83-85 Paul Street

Precedence of Study Conditions

When you have enrolled in any Study that makes use of this App, any conditions you have agreed to during that process are in addition to this Privacy Policy. Where there is any conflict, the conditions of the Study take precedence over this Privacy Policy. Where this Privacy Policy makes a qualification on the Study, the statement in the Privacy Policy will be resolved during enrollment in the Study.

Information We Collect

We collect Personal Data and Medical Data about you when you use this App. Depending on the Study, Medical Data may include: Medication Data, Side Effects Data, Cognition Data, Goals Data, Visit Preparation Data and Questionnaire Data.

Personal Data

If as part of the Study you provide answers to questions about your user name, and your personal App preferences, we collect your Personal Data.

Medication Data

If as part of the Study you provide answers to questions about your medication name and daily medication adherence using this App, we collect your Medication Data.

Side Effects Data

If as part of the Study you provide answers to questions about your side effects using this App, we collect your Side Effects Data.

Cognition Data

If as part of the Study you complete a two-back cognitive task or a Digit Symbol Substitution Test using this App, we collect Cognition Data about your test results and how you interact with the test including when and how you tap and when you are interrupted.

Goals Data

If as part of the Study you provide details on your goals progress, we collect your Goals Data.

Visit Preparation Data

If as part of the Study you provide notes on your treatment in preparation for a care team visit, we collect your Visit Preparation Data.

Questionnaire Data

If as part of the Study you provide answers to questionnaires including:

we collect your answers as Questionnaire Data.

How We Store Data

We store all of your Personal Data and Medical Data locally on your own device. Depending on the Study we also securely transmit and store your Medical Data on secure servers located in the United States of America. Your Medical Data will not be stored in the same location as any personally identifying information to protect your identity.

Use of Information

Ourselves, the Study Provider and the Study Provider’s partners will use all of your Medical Data collected by this App to provide you with better healthcare experience, and to analyze whether digitally-enabled self-tracking improves patient care and patient outcomes. Your Medical Data will be available only to ourselves, the Study Provider, the Study Provider’s staff, and the Study Provider’s partners, and it will not be disclosed to any third parties. Your Medical Data in an anonymized form may be published by us, by the Study Provider, or by the Study Provider’s partners at a later date.


You are free to stop using this App at any time, just delete it. Unless you contact us and request that your data is deleted, any information collected by us up to this point will be kept for our analysis.

Fora Health Contact Details

If you would like to ask any questions about any data we may hold on you, please contact us by emailing our Data Protection Officer at